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that their main concern is for the other families. >> her lawyer says she's never been in it trouble and just a quarter short from graduating from college. >> the city of hay ward is considering changes. but the effect on parking has business owners concerned. the proposal would make a street and mission blstled one way through hay wards's downtown but eliminate up to half of the current parking spots. they would better handle traffic between interstate i- 80. >>> a beloved is closing down this week bringing an end to a 35 year tradition. it has to go to make way for higher education. >> reporter: three generations order lunch maybe for the last time year. >> always order the number 24 and i still do. >> it opened in 1977 will serve it's last meal december 29th. >> long time customers are sighing good-bye to the owner. >> it's going to be sad to see them go. >> for a new building they will demolish the restaurant. >> with it's numbered menu, handwritten orders and nothing over $9 disappear. >> he has spent most of his life in the restaurant. now as customers clamber more him to find a new loc
/12/12 at 12:05:00 p.m. her mom and decade dad say she a treasure who happened to arrive on this day. we saw a dudsen couples constitute knot at city hall. they were among thousands expected to make their anniversary date an easy one to remember. >>> and an all star concert is going on at madison square garden right now. we're showing one of the highlights. parole jam singing with roger waters of ping floyd. joe billly joel, and the rolling stones all set to play later tonight. expected to raise tens of millions of dollars. go to ktvu.com to watch that concert yourself. >>> the outside lands music and arts festival has a long life ahead. the san francisco board of supervisor voted to expand the permit until 2021. increase the attendance it to 75,000. >>> if you live along the coast, be careful because tomorrow we're expecting to see the biggest tides of the year. today some parts of bay area experienced minor flooding and we could see more of the same. >> reporter: this is high tide this morning. the waters of the bay topping the bark in san francisco. >> i used to run here a lot and it's re
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was fortunate to receive only minor injuries. she said her truck hate puddle. it flipped sever times and went over the divider and landed landed landed in an eastbound lane. they say she may have deny driving too fast for the rainy conditions. >>> also city officials say a settlement has been reached to avoid a federal take over the police department. just about an hour ago the city confirmed it reached a tentative agreement with civil rights attorneys. the forms at department would be overseen by a plaid compliance officer. the is the lment will move the department forward. >> i think everyone at at this table wants opd to be at forefront terms of leading leading and constitutional policing and building an maintaining public trust. >> thiscoms as a result of a civil rights suit follow the police scandal a decade ago. they found mandated forms were not happening fast enough. >>> california law make verse been forced to hand over the dose their cars. but now a new report says some legislatures used taxpayer dollars to repair those cars soon before they bought them as their own personal vehicle
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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